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The Events that may interest Maitland Greens will be listed below as they arise. If you want to be on an email list and updated regularly, please email the membership person, Jan Davis on or the Secretary, Wendy White on

There have been many climate change events in the last 2 months, and many more are on the drawing board, here in the Hunter, and in Sydney. If you want more info, please ring Jan on 0417 422 738.

Coal and coal seam gas mining and offshore coal seam mining effects in the Hunter, Gunnedah Basin, Gloucester area, offshore to Port Stephens as well as the southern coal fields areas, are well documented.

If you would like a copy of 'Rivers SOS, "Rivers of Shame 2"' or "Gaslands", please contact us at above number.

Save Our Rail organisation is a very active group which works on supporting the continuation of heavy rail services into Newcastle. Maitland Greens have launched our own campaign, and we take part in activities to publicise the issues.

Every First Sunday in the month, we staff a stall at Maitland Markets, at Maitland Showground, where we collect signatures on letters to Ministers on the issues of extending the rail network, coal and coal seam gas, and also on voluntary euthanasia.

We also give out copies of 'GreenVoice', our NSW Greens publication. If you can help us, contact us on 0417 422 738.

for information on climate change in the Hunter see the 'Rising Tide' website, as well as the 'Climate Action Newcastle'. The 'Lock the Gate Alliance' website is also very informative, as is the 'Rivers SOS' one. The new organisation Hunter and Central Rivers Alliance is an alliance of well over 30 community groups fighting coal and CSG in the Hunter, for details, contact us below.

There are fundraising events for Maitland Greens, please contact the Convenor, John Brown or Secretary Wendy White on 4930 1661 and 4933 2624.

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