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The Greens take no developer or corporate donations, so the other candidates can outspend us from the beginning. Greens policy opposes political donations on principle, unless it is from members and individuals who are prepared to be named as a donor. We believe that to accept developer donations is to accept a price on democracy.

At the 2010 Federal elections, Maitland Greens were involved in heping Greens candidates in both Paterson and Hunter, Jan Davis and Chris Parker received a good vote, and our volunteer base grew.

At the State elections in March 2011, our candidate John Brown was pleased by the result increase.

The results of the Local Government election in 2012 were a slight step back, but in the climate of the conservative backlash over the state, our results held up.

We have been steadily building membership, and we are pleased with those efforts to date, and will be pleased that we have more help for election time, which is time of increased activity.

Many thanks to those who contributed to the Federal campaign in September, the Paterson vote in particular grew, and please contact us on the number below if you want to help in the next State campaign, or continue the Continuous Campaigning that we know is an important part of working in our communities.

For more information, please contact Jan Davis 0417 422 738.

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